Children's Cookery Class, Ages 11-13

Children's Cookery Class, Ages 11-13


Children will cook a range dishes, entirely from scratch using fresh ingredients. All children will work independently to create their dishes and at the end of the session their food will be packaged up ready to take home, along with copies of the recipes.

In this session, children will get involved with picking fresh salad from the Cook School Garden and learn different knife skills for chopping safely. They will then go on to prepare and assemble BBQ Chicken Skewers and learn the skills of marinading. The children will also learn how to create fishcakes by going through step by step instructions with Daren, resulting with a delicious, nutritious meal accompanied with the freshly picked salad.

Skills to be taught:- Chopping, Peeling, Marinading, Slicing.

Workshops are priced at £35 a session and run for 3 hours to include the use of Apron and Chefs Hat. Children take home everything they have made. Ages 11-13 years.

Daren and Louise are both fully CRB checked

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