Teenage Cookery Class (2:30pm-6:00pm), Ages 14-17

Teenage Cookery Class (2:30pm-6:00pm), Ages 14-17


Today we will cook a range of dishes, entirely from scratch using fresh ingredients. The session starts with a group discussion on the dishes to be prepared followed by a tour of the kitchen garden with Daren.

We are using more advanced skills today whereby everyone will learn how to fillet a flat Fish and a whole Chicken. We move onto the methods of cookery developing skills on how to turn them into a delicious meal.

Again concentrating on Knife Skills throughout we prepare lots of Vegetables to experience the diversity of the cuts, resulting in accompaniments to the Chicken and Fish.

We will then move on to show how a stock and then a sauce can be made from the bones widening their skills and capabilities. Then to finish the cookery practical all the ingredients are put together to create a delicious dish with presentation skills being shown.

At the end of the session everyone sits together to enjoy the food prepared.

Skills to be taught:- Knife Sills, Chopping, Peeling, Filleting, Slicing, Sauté, Sauces and Presentation Skills.

Workshops are priced at £45 a session and run for 3 1/2 hours to include all Food, Tuition, the use of Apron and Chefs Hat. This session is designed towards ages 14-17 years.

Session Starts at 2.30pm until 6:00pm
Daren and Louise are both fully CRB checked.

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